Yondu Sketch - Photoshop - 1hr


Time to make a mess. #paint


Final high res scan of some gooey Prison Zombie goodness!

With The Walking Dead coming back soon, I decided that painting a yummy zombie portrait was an excellent use of my free time. This bloody fella was really fun to paint, I experimented with many layers of ink wash and acrylic paint in trying to give the skin that freshly rotted look that all the cool undead peeps are rocking these days. I hope you like!

A pair of pachyderms. #sketch #doodle

Sketch from the Natural History Museum in Providence, RI. #sketch #doodle #sepia

Close up of my zombie’s icky work in progress face.

After a few layers of ink wash, I moved to an acrylic inks & paint combo. Almost done! I always know something is close to finished when it starts to scare me. #workinprogress

Detail. #workinprogress

This is where I’ll stop for tonight. 😴 #workinprogress

Still using ink washes primarily, adding more detail but keeping brush strokes loose. #workinprogress

Slowly but surely. #workinprogress

It begins! EEP. #workinprogress

Zombie time! Two sketches go in one painting comes out, now to choose which one?! #wip #zombie